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More than 50 000$
worth of medical equipment distributed
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Hot meals delivered
More than 100 People
received Mental Health consultations

Support psychological rehabilitation for those who defend us

Official statistics states that 90% of Vietnam War veterans got divorced, 60% went to prison, and every third committed suicide.

And that’s even with the government providing medical, social, and mental support.

Unfortunately, there are very few reintegration and rehabilitation centers for military veterans in Ukraine. And we’ll soon be hit hard with a massive wave of PTSD.

Our specialists are developing multiple rehabilitation methods. One is providing psychotherapeutic and psychiatric assistance to military personnel on leave or rotation.

Viktor Kokashinsky is a psychiatrist who turns flashbacks and nightmares into “amulets” that help veterans accept traumatic experiences.

Thanks to your donations, MEDICLUB Clinic provides rehabilitation to war veterans for free.

One rehabilitation course costs approximately four pizzas.

So, by donating the cost of one pizza, you can help save more lives (literally! since advanced PTSD and depression can lead to things like suicide).

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