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Mental Health For Ukraine

  • Mental health disorders during the war as prevalent as they can be in Ukraine. Children who saw death of their parents, parents who saw suffering of their children can escape the war zone but unable to escape what they have seen and experienced.
  • One in five people in war zones has depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia according to World Health Organization. Mental health services can be provided both in person and remotely through means of telemedicine.
  • Psychologists and psychiatrists are needed to help people traumatized by war. Especially those with specific training to take care of this patient population. After the initial Russian invasion in 2014 such groups of healthcare professionals do exist in Ukraine.
  • Help Ukrainian Hospitals Inc will partner with private groups of psychologists and physicians specifically trained to take care of people suffering from acute stress and its consequences. Physical location in city of Dnipro will be developed for in person visits. Telemedicine options will also be available. With most professionals being ready to volunteer only small administrative fees and coverage of their ongoing expenses will be required to provide this much needed service the people of Ukraine.
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The unprovoked invasion of the Russian Federation on the independent and sovereign country of Ukraine has caused suffering to countless civilians. War rages on since February 24th and we cannot stand aside idly. Every single person can help and even the smallest assistance matters a lot. Together we are stronger and can aid the nation under merciless attack.