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Support Ukraine and people in need – Help Ukrainian Hospitals!

The full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation of Ukraine has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. It has caused the largest displacement of people in Europe since 1945.  Over 8 million Ukrainians have been displaced from their homes. The UN has documented over 1000 clinics and hospitals have been destroyed by Russian attacks.  How can you help? Even the smallest donation will help us in our mission. We directly support Ukrainian doctors and hospitals providing care for wounded and displaced civilians and soldiers.

Accessible healthcare

Based upon frequent communications with physicians and hospitals we purchase and deliver medical equipoment and supplies that cannot be sourced locally. We provide remote and in-person medical training to Ukrainian doctors, nurses and other healthcare professions.

Help Us Feed Ukrainian Healthcare Professionals

We partner with Dnipro food suppliers to deliver high quality meals to displaced civilians and to exhausted Ukrainian healthcare professionals.

Help Ukrainian Mental Health Professionals Treat Post-traumatic Stress

The Russian war of aggression has resulted in a large increase in civilian and military trauma-related stress disorders. The Ukrainian healthcare system does not pay for outpatient mental health treatment. We partner with mental health professionals in Ukraine to subsidize outpatient treatment of war-related mental health disorders.

Our Values


We are engaged daily in Ukraine, a country under constant attack. We salute the courage of the Ukrainian people as they defend their land.


All our financial reports available to public.


Whether it comes to teaching Ukrainian healthcare professionals, providing meals, providing medical equipment and supplies, or subsidizing  outpatient mental health services we strive to provide the needed services in a timely and most cost-effective fashion.


Where the money goes

With spending less than 10% on administration and operations, minimal bureaucracy and personal engagement and committemt by the our experts, volunteers, and members of the board, we can bring help in a timely and efficient fashion. When you donate to our charity, funds go directly to Ukrainians who need help.

How Can We Help Ukrainian Hospitals and Civilians?

By donating money to Help Ukrainian Hospitals, Inc. you can provide timely and needed assistance to people suffering from war-related injuries and displacement. Our mission is to assist Ukrainian healthcare professionals who are caring for  civilians and soldiers who have war-related injuries. We aim to provide targeted medical equipment, suppies, training, and support outpatient mental healthcare to mitigate the affects of this unjust war of aggression against the Ukrianian people.

As long as this war continues, every day more Ukrainian civilians and soldiers and killed and wounded. More civilians are displaced from their homes and their usual support systems.  Donating money to Ukraine will help treat innocent Ukrainian civilians and the heroic Ukrainian soldiers wounded while defending their country from unprovoked attack.

Every Euro or dollar counts. Donate today to Help Ukrainian Hospitals, Inc.  Together we can support those in need of medical care and show the Ukrainian people that we stand together with them against aggression.