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Feed Ukrainian Hospitals

  • Ukraine is the agricultural country of some 40 million people. One of the hallmarks of Russian invasion is the disruption of food supply chains. In city of Mariupol during Russian blockade there were children deaths reported due to thirst and starvation.
  • Many people flee war zone and remain in temporary housing with unreliable supply of basic necessities including food. Those who end up in the hospitals may not receive proper nutrition either as government resources running thin. Most medical workers during martial law work seven days a week sometimes several days straight without a break and also don’t have an access to reliable sources of food.
  • A collaborative model is required among food suppliers, small businesses including restaurants, food delivery services and distributors to provide a reliable source of ready-to-consume food for people suffering from war. Hospital system including its workers will greatly benefit from external support. Local businesses will benefit by maintaining jobs.
  • Help Ukrainian hospitals Inc in an organization run by Ukrainians local to city of Dnipro which receives a large influx of refugees from neighboring regions. Our ties to medical community, business and suppliers provides a unique opportunity to establish a reliable food supply chain to the local hospitals and others in need at the minimal cost. We partner with warehouses, restaurants and leaders in healthcare to deliver prepared and ready to consume food to those in need. With most restaurants being ready to forgo any profit, every one dollar that you contribute can approximately pay for two good meals. At present we have a capacity to provide approximately 2000 such meals per day with opportunity to upscale.
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Aid the country and people in need – Help Ukrainian Hospitals!

The unprovoked invasion of the Russian Federation on the independent and sovereign country of Ukraine has caused suffering to countless civilians. War rages on since February 24th and we cannot stand aside idly. Every single person can help and even the smallest assistance matters a lot. Together we are stronger and can aid the nation under merciless attack.