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Supplies For Ukrainian Hospitals

  • Free health care for everyone is incorporated in articles of Ukrainian constitution. Ukraine spends approximately 7% of its GDP of $155 billion on health care. Most of those resources directed to primary care.
  • During Russian invasion it became apparent that chain of government hospitals this primary responsible for taking care of wounded soldiers and civilians is running very thin on resources. First-hand information from health care workers is that there is a need in simple equipment such as V.A.C. therapy systems, surgical equipment (drills, dermatomes and electrocautery) as well as basic wound care supplies (gauze, antiseptics etc.). Most of those things are not currently available to buy in Ukraine.
  • Resources to purchase necessary equipment on primary and secondary markets in neighboring countries are necessary to save lives in the Ukraine. Logistics must be developed to deliver those goods to the cities close to frontlines. Currently there is a pressing need for surgical equipment.
  • Help Ukrainian Hospitals Inc developed partnerships with three large hospitals in Dnipro. All of them receive a large influx of patients with explosion and combustion related traumas on a daily basis. In the first days of war, we were able to purchase large amount of supplies from local warehouses but those sources were quickly exhausted. Equipment including systems for V.A.C. therapy was purchased on secondary market in Europe and successfully delivered from Poland. In the next batch we will be purchasing drills, dermatomes, electrocautery as well as potentially mechanical ventilators, additional V.A.C. therapy devices and other equipment based on real time requests from healthcare professionals.
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The unprovoked invasion of the Russian Federation on the independent and sovereign country of Ukraine has caused suffering to countless civilians. War rages on since February 24th and we cannot stand aside idly. Every single person can help and even the smallest assistance matters a lot. Together we are stronger and can aid the nation under merciless attack.