+1 (414) 875-7925
More than 50 000$
worth of medical equipment distributed
More than 25 000
Hot meals delivered
More than 100 People
received Mental Health consultations

Meet Volodymyr Dieiev, a Ukrainian rehabilitation physician

Over the past year, he has helped heal over 600 people who were suffering from PTSD caused by the war.

Mothers who last saw their sons in shackles on Russian TV.

Daughters who can only picture their dads in their memories and photographs.

According to the Ukraine Ministry of Health, Ukraine is expected to have at least 15 million people physically and psychologically traumatized by the war.

Several rehabilitation sessions are needed to bring a person out of a state of shock, with each session costing about $20.

We will turn every dollar received into rehabilitation for mothers, female volunteers, and defenders of Ukraine.

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