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Do you remember when New York was dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic?

Do you remember when New York was dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic? At that time, I worked at a large hospital in the state and we witnessed that portable ultrasound machines, called Point of Care (POCUS), could be life-saving in critical situations especially when access to other medical tests is limited. POCUS machines can help quickly diagnose patients and often replace X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs.

Today, POCUS machines are widely used in American hospitals and have become an essential tool for healthcare professionals. I even have one in my pocket as I write this text. I believe that doctors in Ukraine would also benefit from having access to these machines. They have been working tirelessly to combat the pandemic and now to provide medical assistance to those affected by the ongoing war.

That’s why my colleagues in the US and I decided to help by training Ukrainian doctors to use portable ultrasound machines (POCUS) to quickly detect injuries in wounded people.

Although the time difference made it challenging, we felt that it was important to do what we could to help.

Our charity, Help Ukrainian Hospitals, Inc, has already delivered several pocket ultrasound machines to Ukraine and trained several hundred doctors to use them. However, many more hospitals in Ukraine still need these machines. Each costs approximately 3000 USD.

A single POCUS ultrasound machine can save numerous lives every year, making it a critical tool in medical settings. Your donation to help us buy more ultrasound machines at helpukrainianhospitals.com can make a significant impact.

Any amount you can contribute counts!

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