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Can a minute save a soldier’s life?

Can a minute save a soldier’s life?

Yes, if the doctor can get a defibrillator timely.

But what if there’s a queue to use a defibrillator?

What if there’s only one defibrillator for the entire hospital?

What if the soldier was brought in on the floor of an ill-equipped bus instead of a well-equipped ambulance?

What if his or her condition hadn’t been assessed on the battlefield or on the way to the hospital because there are no mobile ultrasound devices across the country?

This is a stark reality: Ukraine has a shortage of reanimobile ambulances, defibrillators, catheters, and even bandages.

Because no country in the world is ready for war.

We have already delivered medical equipment and three ambulances to Ukraine.

Help us stop the aggressor and restore the peace.

Every 10$ help us to get one defibrillator for Ukraine and save lives.

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