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More than 50 000$
worth of medical equipment distributed
More than 25 000
Hot meals delivered
More than 100 People
received Mental Health consultations

70% of our losses could have been avoided

According to statistics, 70% of our losses could have been avoided if the soldier had received help in the first 30 minutes after a serious injury.

Sometimes the only way to save a severely injured is to start an emergency surgery right during the transportation to the nearest hospital. The Belgian reanimobiles are fully equipped life support and medical emergency transportation that can provide this immediate assistance.

Help Ukrainian Hospitals has co-sponsored 2 fully equipped resuscitation ambulances.

But each vehicle is capable of accommodating only one injured.

Most of the local ambulances have been either destroyed during the shelling or breaking down due to extensive use.

Support our fundraiser for new-gen reanimobiles that will help to rescue and provide emergency care to our heroes.

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