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Nina Havelia

NLP Trainer, Psychologist


Nina Havelia is a trainer of neuro-linguistic programming (according to international standards of the NLP community of the USA and Great Britain), a psychologist, and a trainer of the “First Psychological Aid” project.

Treating primary or secondary psychological trauma of a person helps all the family members and the communities they interact with.

By treating one person we affect the entire system!

Nina Havelia has thirteen years of teaching experience and more than eight years of experience in psychological work and counseling. She is a certified trainer (2018) of the “Psychological First Aid” project on psychosocial correction of the consequences of traumatic events. She has four years’ experience in conducting psychocorrective training according to international NLP standards.

She is the director of the youth organization “Sky”, which is engaged in educational and development projects for Ukrainian teenagers. She is also the co-founder and director of the children’s academy “Bonbon”.

Since the first days of the Russian full-scale invasion, Nina Havelia has been helping people with psychological trauma. Most of her patients are women caring for children and whose husbands serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The most common problems among her clients are:
– anxiety
– fear of the future, confusion about what to do next
– sleep disturbance
– increased fatigue and apathy
– fixation on events from the past, re-experiencing them

Nina Haveli’s approach includes psychological techniques and technologies that, thanks to psycholinguistics, reveal the core reasons and circumstances that resulted in traumatization. After diagnosis, therapy is designed to correct the condition and long-term memory of a person.

Because of  support of Help Ukrainian Hospitals, Inc. she has had an opportunity to help people who have suffered war-related psychological trauma and to provide professional help to people who due to war-related disturbances in the Ukrainian healthcare system have lost the opportunity to get professional psychological support.

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