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More news from Help Ukrainian Hospitals, Inc about our dear friend and colleague professor Rom A Stevens

More news from Help Ukrainian Hospitals, Inc about our dear friend and colleague professor Rom A Stevens. Professor Stevens, along with eight other esteemed American professors from the Society of Critical Care Physicians (SCCM), has recently concluded a comprehensive training program in POCUS practices for several hundred Ukrainian anesthesiologists.

These distinguished lecturers from the United States devoted an entire week in Lviv, imparting their knowledge and experience in utilizing the handheld point-of-care ultrasound device with their Ukrainian counterparts. This state-of-the-art device enables swift and precise diagnoses of various medical conditions, including internal bleeding and organ injuries. Furthermore, the POCUS device is applicable in diverse settings, such as anesthesiology, pain management, and intensive care.

In a previous communication, we highlighted the pressing need for portable ultrasound devices in Ukraine. The POCUS training in Lviv represents a truly exceptional opportunity. While the Society of Critical Care Physicians (SCCM) has previously facilitated top-tier training across the United States and other countries, this marks their first engagement in Ukraine.

We have full confidence that Professor Stevens will continue to visit Ukraine as a volunteer, as he is already taking steps to learn the Ukrainian language. Our aim is to bring more distinguished medical professionals to instruct Ukrainian colleagues. To achieve this, we require assistance in providing logistics, accommodations, and support.

The cost for each doctor’s trip to Ukraine amounts to approximately $2,000, which will enable the training of many Ukrainian doctors. We kindly request your donations through the link provided below to support world-class training for Ukrainian medical professionals and contribute to the life-saving efforts for Ukraine’s defenders.

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